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The Final Push

Help Broadway actors bring education, empowerment and provisions to the children of Madagascar. Learn more »

The Crisis

Over 80% of children in Madagascar ages 5-14 live in poverty, subsisting on less than $250/year. An astounding 50% of kids drop out of primary school. Find Out More »

What We Do

There is currently a huge gap between what these kids dream of doing and what they are capable of achieving. We at Zara Aina are attempting to bridge that gap a little bit. Learn More »

How You Can Help

Individual donations fund our efforts entirely. Participating artists volunteer their talents, as well as their time, by fundraising for school supplies and other project expenses. Donate Today »

Our Mission

Zara Aina offers children in Madagascar the tools to succeed as students and story tellers by delivering school supplies to their villages and producing their original works of theatre.

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