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Bryce: How did you feel performing today?
Lala: It made me feel strong, like I could lift everything.

Sam: If you could perform for anybody, who would that be?
Lala: Lucas. He saved me. He helped me a lot. He taught me how to speak in front of people, to sing, to speak all those lines.

Andrea: When I’m on stage, I’m not scared anymore.

Bryce: How did you feel giving out school supplies to other children?
Lala: Happy
Bryce: Why?
Lala: Because this is the first time I’ve ever given gifts to people.

Tanteraka’s Mother, after a performance: We are just so hopeful that this will continue. And then, maybe one day, Tanteraka will act like a professional actor!

Mikael’s mother, after a performance: I am very happy that those children did that; it was really amazing. At home, I cannot see that, they are not like that at home; I am so amazed and impressed with what they are capable of.

Lala’s Grandmother, after a performance: We thank you, this is very important for the Malagasy people.

Silva and Tutu, our Malagasy housekeepers, before we left on our tour: We would like to thank you so much for watching after us here in Madagascar; you are looking at us. You don’t love yourselves, but love the Malagasy kids and people. You didn’t make us foreigners, or strangers; we were like family here.