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From the Kids

Bryce: How did you feel performing today?
Lala: It made me feel strong, like I could lift everything.

Sam: If you could perform for anybody, who would that be?
Lala: Lucas. He saved me. He helped me a lot. He taught me how to speak in front of people, to sing, to speak all those lines.

Andrea: When I’m on stage, I’m not scared anymore.

Bryce: How did you feel giving out school supplies to other children?
Lala: Happy
Bryce: Why?
Lala: Because this is the first time I’ve ever given gifts to people.

From the Adults

Tanteraka’s Mother, after a performance: We are just so hopeful that this will continue. And then, maybe one day, Tanteraka will act like a professional actor!

Mikael’s mother, after a performance: I am very happy that those children did that; it was really amazing. At home, I cannot see that, they are not like that at home; I am so amazed and impressed with what they are capable of.

Lala’s Grandmother, after a performance: We thank you, this is very important for the Malagasy people.

Silva and Tutu, our Malagasy housekeepers, before we left on our tour: We would like to thank you so much for watching after us here in Madagascar; you are looking at us. You don’t love yourselves, but love the Malagasy kids and people. You didn’t make us foreigners, or strangers; we were like family here.

U.S Outreach

From the Kids

“I will remember this moment forever.” -Jared, Win Shelter

“You made my day.” -Jaquan, Win Shelter

“I’m a star today” -a BAMA Kid

“’Anything you want to be you can be.’ I’ve always been told that, and tonight was the night I got a taste of what I want to be, and honestly, it was breathtaking.” -Javion, a BAMA Kid

From the Adults

“Zara Aina’s stay in Camden left a lasting impact on BAMA Kids and others that they touched in our community. We look forward to ZA returning next year and for many years to come.” -Sheryl Threadgill-Matthews, Director of BAMA Kids

From the Press

“Evidence of an infinite potential in the hearts, minds, and voices of Wilcox County’s future was at last undeniable, and shining so much brighter than just a few stage lights. It’s in the eyes of our children. Seems almost criminal to think that potential hadn’t been there all along. And to the BAMA Kids…Hey, we can hear you now.” -The Progressive Era Newspaper, Camden, AL