While traveling in Madagascar in 2014, Shana and Vlad, owners of Vape Club Ltd met J.J., a passionate 12 year veteran tour guide. J.J. took them far beyond typical designated tourist zones, visiting schools and speaking intimately with villagers. They were shocked to find out that over 80% of Malagasy live on $1.25 or less a day, and suffer some of the highest rates of illiteracy (65%; 2010).

By the end of the trip Shana and Vlad felt a deep kinship with JJ and his family. But the journey wasn’t over, they agreed on a shared desire to do something bigger for Malagasy people. In 2016, they launched the Mobile Library Project in collaboration with Zara Aina to help expand literacy and opportunity for communities around the country.

Vape Club Ltd is the largest e-liquid and e-juice shop in the UK. A share of the monthly proceeds are dedicated to underwriting the costs.

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